Hello there! We are The Allens and we make you feel at ease in front of camera while capturing the sweet little (+big) moments of your celebration. 9/10 times you won’t even know we are there because of our documentary approach. Our focus is helping you remember your celebration as it is (No worries, we got you on directing your family and friends for photos if needed too!). Bonus points that Torian is hilarious and will be friends with your aunts and uncles immediately. Jiyeon is a ninja at capturing the real moments. Not only we put heart and soul into our photos, we care about the relationships with our couples. Scroll down and take a look at full galleries to see how we document wedding days. 

When my husband and I saw the photos for the first time, we cried and were able to relive every moment. They were PERFECT. Each and every photo was delicately and thoughtfully edited and there was such a variation of shots provided to us.

Their work reminds me more of viewing a work of art in a museum, rather than viewing just a photograph.
— Lauren + Corner