This Business

I remember back when Jiyeon and I first had a discussion about me possibly joining her in her photography business. At that time we were in Korea, she had gained a fair amount of popularity, and we were making a really decent living while traveling about.

When she first asked me, I had been pretty preoccupied with school and work so I didn’t really know exactly what to say to her. As time went by, I started to pay attention to how craft she had become with trying to get me to go into business with her.

I noticed how she would always ask me to go out with her to shoot around right before I went to my night classes, or how she would have us dress up on my days off from class and go around the base to practice posing. She played on my love for bike riding so that we could go out scouting for new places to shoot.

I have to give it to her though, her persistence wore me down over the span of about 3 months.

The striking blow was when we did our first urban wedding. It was, in fact, the beautiful couple that you see in our portfolio shooting bubbles at each other that made me decide weddings was what I wanted to do with my passion for photography and video. I don’t have to script anyone, nor do I have to show them some corny and out of place way to stand next to each other.

It was just… Peaceful, watching two people who loved each other interact. And the fact that they paid us to be their stalkers made it all the better. Looking back, I don’t actually think I did anything for that shoot other than carry gear…

All in all, we have found ourselves in our work. Because for one single day, at least it’s what the pictures are saying, everything is perfectly imperfect. No cares are given to the negative, no one is sad, and not a single person is thinking about how much cake the bride just ate. It’s a beautiful business, this business of love.