Today I’ve been pondering something that I think all of you here can relate with. I was at work, and like most of you, I began to dream of my significant other as though she was in another country, possibly for the next month or so… But as I sat there, dreaming of the one person I care about the most, my boss interrupted my thoughts. 

It got me thinking about how my first date went with my wife. We met up at the train station near my base after days of talking about it over text messages. I remember the grey dress she wore with a black jacket over it. She didn't know what she wanted to eat, not much has changed there, so I took her to my favorite burger place on post. We sat there and talked for at least three hours about nothing specific, not that I can remember at least. 

After a while we looked outside and noticed it was dark outside, and being that I had a curfew, I knew I had to hurry and get her to the train station so she could get home and I could get back on base in time.

But I didn't want that date to end.

So I did the gentleman like thing...

"Hey, you want to go to see a movie before you leave?"

Of course there wasn't anything playing at the time that either one of wanted to see, but that didn't matter really. We went anyway, chick flick, and sat there for about 20 minutes into the movie when my wife asked me, "Are you gay? I mean, no guy likes chick flicks."

Ego.. Shot... Man down...

I couldn't let that be what she thought of me. Sure, I'm a genuine guy, but gay? I'm a 'merican Soldier!

So I kissed her.


Long story short, I took her to the train after the movie, laughing the entire way there because I still couldn't believe she thought I was, well, not into her. Ha. 

But, my thoughts were interrupted. Leaving me with the fleeting feeling that my day had only begun... 10:45AM.

But I can’t be the only one who spends their day thinking about their better half… Tell us your story in the comments below, we love talking to you all!