Anniversary Session with Bridgett + Troy // 6 years of marriage // Grovetown Photographer

"Life is better with you."

 Bridgett contacted me one day saying Bridgett and her husband, Troy haven't taken any professional pictures since they got married which was 6 years ago. So, we decided to find gorgeous places in Grovetown, GA and took some time to capture their beautiful lives and love together. It's amazing to meet people who passionately love and have genuine friendship and care for each other. It always inspire us to inspire people through our pictures and be better for each other as husband and wife. Have we mentioned that we seriously got the best job ever?! we could tell she was a sweet sweet person from the moment she emailed me. They were one of the most relaxed couple we have ever photographed  for their couples session and easy to work with, not to mention they are GORGEOUS! We loved their casual sense of style and cute dog of theirs! We are already looking forward to do more photos with this cute couple in the future!