Darling Days

I met this guy in October of 2013 and my life has forever changed. Marriage undid me and redid me in every single way and I'm still revolving. (except one fact that I still don't like cooking pancakes.) Even though this guy is younger than me (just by 7 months, but he likes to highlight the fact he was born later than me), I learn from him every single day. I have never met a person so passionate about life, living, dreaming and about Jesus. I'm such a blessed lady to have big big dreams to travel all over the world, capture people's happiness that will be cherished for lifetime, to have random cuddle sesh and late night trip to Cook Out! We bike whenever it's not rainy and yesterday happened to be one of those days. So we brought our camera in my bike basket and watched beautiful sunset together! Little things with him aren't so little to me, just usual daily life with him is the biggest blessings in my life so far.