piedmont park, atlanta engagement session [hayriye + cameron]

Sharing a passion in life with some is a special thing, but even more so when you can do it with the person you've devoted your heart to. Of course there are some downsides to it (like if your wife is slightly better than you but you'll never admit it), but there is nothing we'd rather be doing. Since starting our business, we have yet to find a couple were they both shared a passion, and did it as a profession.. Until now.


Meet Hayriye and Cameron



These two are an inspiration us. They, like you all here reading this, have a love that knows no bounds. Hayriye, from Turkey, is an amazingly kind and beautiful woman. She showed so much interest in everything, which is something that Jiyeon and I really like in a person. Cameron, a "smooth talking American," swept her off her feet while in college.


Oh, by the way, these two are mathematicians!


When the four of us first met, it was instant chemistry. The first thing I noticed was just how short Cameron made me feel standing next to him. My male ego aside, he was a very genuine guy. It was very hard to get him to talk about himself, because all he could seem to talk about was other and his beautiful bride to be. I love that about him. For us, and the reason we do this, it always refreshing to see a new love story play out right before your eyes.


Hayriye, the creative of the two, devised the entire shoot. Showing up with picnic gear and red wine. Even gave us some chocolates. From this, Jiyeon and I knew that we really had to out do ourselves on this shoot. It was going to be something that they remember, and it would be in their family for the rest of their lives…


No pressure…


All said and done, their pictures turned out amazing, but I can't help but think of a famous quote by David Harvey. In it he says, “Don't shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.”


We felt their love.