laurel ridge country club wedding [kristy + lance]

One day that most people remember most in their old age is their wedding day. A day when the family and friends from both sides come together, laughing, joking, dancing. While simple in essence, a wedding is an even that announces to the world your forever devotion to another person. God brings to people together so that they are no longer two different people but one.

Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh –Genesis 2:24

As aforementioned in there engagement shoot, these two are amazing people. However, that was before we met their friends and learned of their impact on their lives. Lance, a bit of a comedian, kept us all laughing throughout the ceremony and reception. Kristy, the tenderhearted and overall winsome of the par, made it hard for Jiyeon not to hold back her tears. Every turn it seemed as though Kristy was winning the hearts of everyone in the building. 

The emotion was thick at the start of the ceremony. Right before the bride and groom entered the sanctuary area they exchanged letters that they wrote to one another. When the groom got his, he tried for the longest to fight back his tears but love won out. He would pause every now and then, and just stare into black space, as though he was thinking about what it was that Kristy had wrote. Kristy was crying tears of pure joy from the start. She saw his letter and started to tear up, but her emotions deepened as she progressed in her husbands words.

When the ceremony started everyone, including the groom, focused on the Kristy as she walked into the room. As you can see in their photos, Lance's eyes were filled with tears bursting from his soul. 

Kristy's father was crying as he walked his daughter down the ail to her now husbands side.

The wedding itself was beautifully decorated. They chose to go with the venue of Laurel Ridge Country Club in Waynsville, NC and the wedding was beautifully coordinated by Cheers and Co. Weddings and Events The white they picked to go over the chairs looked stunning against the dark wood of the building. The large floor to ceiling (almost) windows provided a beautiful backdrop to the couple standing at the altar. They even gave thought to the ground beneath them by scattering flower peddles about the walking area. 

The reception area was just as beautiful as the ceremony area they picked. With the same, yet smaller, view of the open golf field behind them. A bar, DJ, delicious food, and really creative Instagram feed going on a projector. The music kept everyone in the party jumping around and moving to the step dances. There was even a slight change to the “Electric Slide” song. I was a bit impressed at how well they all did that dance. Even the “Chacha Slide” looked like something from the actual music video. 

As the night came to a close, the remaining family and friends lined up on either side of the steps leading up to entrance of the country club. As they lit their sparklers, the bride and groom burst out of the double doors with nothing but smiles. 

We want to thank you again, Kristy & Lance, for allowing us to document your very special day! We wish you two the best, and we hope to see you again!


Venue: Laurel Ridge Country Club

Dress designer: David's Bridal

Coordinator: Cheers & Co. 

Floral designer: Swannanoa Flower Shop

Hair/make up: Salon Roche 

Cake: Shana McDowell 

DJ: Get Vocal Entertainment