What We Have Up To + New Adventures

Hey everyone! Wow, it really feels like forever since I last wrote to you on here. Over the past few weeks Jiyeon and I have been receiving great news after great news. First off, I finally received my passport! We thought it was going to get delivered after we left GA for good, but it’s here finally! This has now opened the window for our GLOBAL destination photography business.

To kick off our journeys, next month we will be traveling to Indiana to visit the family Jiyeon lived with while she was a high school exchange student. Being the tree hugging photographers we are, of course we’re going to be bringing our cameras and getting some shot of the woods. Well be documenting our travels via our social media, so if you aren't already, go ahead and friend/add/plus one us so we can keep in touch. 

From there we will be heading to Chicago, just because it’s Chicago. There’s something about the concrete jungle we cant get enough of. Ever since we left South Korea we’ve been missing the big city vibe that, sadly, Atlanta/Augusta haven’t been able to give us. 

But that’s just in August.

November is going to be a blast! We’re going to be back in my home town of High Point, NC living with my parents while we save for our big move to San Francisco, CA. From there we’re going to take a bus to New York City and stay there for about a week, then catching a plane to Hong Kong! I’ve never been here, so Jiyeon is going to be my personal tour guide (we’re going to get lost… so lost). Then stopping off in South Korea to visit family and travel to the places never seen even by Jiyeon. 

We’d love for you to follow our journey, but most importantly we’d love to meet some of you all and possibly do some mini sessions together. We are heavily discounting our prices so that it meets the needs of the last minute orders, but only for the months of August and November when we’ll be traveling.