Our Wedding Day

Your wedding day won't be perfect.

In fact, I would describe it as the messiest/craizest day of your life. We have been there and done that. Our wedding ceremony was October 4th which was a month and some days ago even though we technically got married on April 8th of 2014. As many young  people (and people with budget) do, we decided to have a backyard wedding at Torian's mom's house in NC. We had to be ready for the big day in only 2 months and we even ended up not hiring a photographer as well because our budget was tight(You know that hurts as photographers). Instead, as a bride, I picked up my own camera and thankfully my artistic best friend who is an amazing designer in Korea was there to support me. Despite this insane situation, it still turned out to be the most beautiful day of our life.

Now we have been married for about 7 months. We are still learning about each other, life and marriage. But we can say one thing with confident. That, marriage is never perfect and won't be filled with laughs and giggles only.  But, gladly we are sure about other facts. That, marriage is beautiful. That, you grow up so much as an adult and you do with your best friend. That, you get to cherish every day of your lives even more than ever because you share those days with someone truly special. 

Here are some pictures my best friend and I took on my own wedding day. ENJOY!!