Pink and Unicorn and Pizza Elopement [Jasper + Kaitlyn] // SF City Hall Photographer

Have you ever thought ‘today is going to be an amazing day’ and the day turned out even better? Jasper + Kaitlyn’s celebration was one of those days.

We showed up to their hotel room where they were getting ready together for their sf city hall ceremony, and there was Kaitlyn who were wearing a DRESS SHE DESIGNED (in real life, she does totally different thing for living) in a room they decorated with bunch of pink and unicorn stuff.

Torian and I looked at each other with eyes and were telling each other today is going to be so dope without saying a word.

We adventured through San Francisco City Hall, Golden Gate park and their favorite candy store in the neighborhood. And it was a good day. Here are some proofs.

San Francisco California Elopement at City Hall