DTLA wedding photographer

Millwick Wedding [Alice + Sung] // Millwick Wedding Photographer

Alice + Sung got married at Millwick in downtown LA. All they wanted for their wedding was having great time with their friends and family. Instead of choosing super structured wedding, they wanted to have a laid celebration with their loved ones with good music. And we can say their celebration was all they dreamed of.

This celebration was helped by Helen from Ah, Love. :)

SmogShoppe Wedding [Min + Brian] // Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Another amazing Korean couple on the book! YASSSSSS! We are seriously so excited for their new journey together! Min + Brian got married at Smogshoppe where used to be a smog check place in 80’s.

This venue though! With industrial environment + tons of plants (MO GREEN MO BETTER 😂), this place made their celebration even more special. (Even their bathroom was so unique, we took a selfie or two there, haha!)

When Min got emotional when she first saw her dad and Brian or when they were reading vows, we seriously had to fight our tears to keep it professional.

All four of us are going to be in Korea in March and we hope to grab some good food then!!