WE MOVED 2616 miles.

Crazy thing happened. We packed everything we could fit in our car and drove away to San Francisco.

Moving to the West Coast was one of our dreams but even we didn’t know it will happen this fast. We thought if we are planning to move anyway, we might as well just do it now.



It took us 5 days to get to San Francisco from Georgia because Torian was on his motorcycle (The temperature drops to 30 something degrees at night in desert and mountain areas) and I couldn’t focus well at night from long drive.


Why did this happen? There are a few major reasons. Torian has had passion to make documentaries  for a while now and he will be attending a school for film in San Francisco. And there’s something (many things, actually) about this city that triggers our creativities. We are so excited to capture this vibrant, lively city and the people in it.


We are really thrilled to shoot the love The Bay Area has to offer. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t shoot outside The Bay Area, we will be road tripping to deserts, mountains and fly thousands miles to capture you and your loved ones like we always do!


Here are some snaps we took on the way here. THE WILD WILD WEST IS BEAUTIFUL, GUYS.


And here is a snap in San Francisco at night!