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ayyee, that's us!


Lets “party, and bull5#!%” aye! Ya’ll know the rest. Is the cringe happening yet? Haha, ok, so here we are, the Allens. The quirky, can be awkward, not so into themselves which is why this bio took two months to write, wedding photographers based out of Oakland California. We’ve been covering weddings for five plus years now, and we love to travel. 

Like, LOVE to travel. So much so, that we pack up our two at and under two babies and travel to South Korea once a year, North Carolina once a year, rad trips to L.A. for tacos, Arizona just to see a new part of the Grand Canyon, Texas just because we want to see how big of a burger we can eat, Thailand for outdoor sauna, and New York, cause well, it’s New York. 

You kinda get it from our IG, but we have two amazing babies, Earth and Ocean. They keep us on our feet, but life wouldn’t be as amazing without them. 

“We are young,” as the famous quote goes, but it couldn’t be more true about who we are as a couple and business partners. We approach things, wedding, photos, people, all that stuff, in a different light. A fun one. We’re not boring.

Simply put, hire us, and you’re going to have awkwardly cool, food loving, can’t dance to save baby kittens, people to party with you and give you a reminder of one of the best freaking moments, not… memories, no… days! Yeah, that’s it. We’re going to capture one of the best freaking days of your life! 

Once you go Blasian, you never go… Crap, that doesn’t work as well.

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I am an observer/an outgoing introvert. I will be your 6th bridemaid (or first!) and make sure your hair + dress is on point for the photos. I will often tell you to squeeze each other and make you do silly things (anything for the photos, right?) Before heading out to each wedding, I drink an espresso drink. That’s how I operate!

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I am the funny one. I will make you feel like you are getting photographed by an old friend that you haven't seen in a while. I care so much about relationships with our couples. I enjoy boba, biking with our boys in their bike trailer, and late night walks Jiyeon. After each wedding day, I get a freeze from Taco Bell. Don’t judge me, that’s the only thing that’s open that late.