If being homeless is an attractive trait, we are the perfect fit for you! ok, so we aren’t homeless, but with as little time we actually spend in our home you’d think we are. 

We’re Torian and Jjiyeon, or as every coffee shop barista likes to call us, toerain and jay-young. We started capturing each other when we were dating because we knew not a moment would last unless we capture them. Each moment with each other was(and still is)  just so precious to us. We didn't want to miss it. we loved how photos could freeze moments in such a beautiful form.

We started as friends now we have a babe named Earth and rings on our fingers too. He will be popping on our ig story sometimes if you wanna see him!  

Fun fact : we met at a random starbucks and Torian is not a coffee person. 

This has been an amazing journey so far for us. We have met and learned from some of the most amazing people on the planet, people in love. 

we are featured on these pretty magazines/blogs too