We are very passionate about documenting love and wish we could document so many love story out there. But, being two people business + need that creative eye every time, we are only taking limited numbers of weddings per year. 

Our wedding collections start at $3,800 and all of our collections include

  • At least one of us

  • High-res digital files

  • Professional edit (We will make you look like your best version )

  • Online gallery to view, share and download all of your photos

  • No limit on the photo (The crazier dance moves, the more photos you get )

  • Printing rights

  • Fast photo delivery

  • Lame jokes to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera

Our booking is first comes, first served (once we feel connected) and we require $1,500 retainer + signed contract to book. Both paying retainer + signing the contract be done online in one page.  (Just tell us that you are ready to book!)

If you think we might be out of your budget but still love our work, still reach out! We might be able to make a customized collection just for you.

reception 2-77.jpg
They were quite discreet despite getting phenomenal shots/angles of my wife and I. Maybe I was oblivious, maybe I was too caught up in the moment, but more than likely, they are just that good that I did not even notice that they were right next to/behind me. The emotions that they were able to capture on mine and my wife’s face, and our families faces is incredibly impressive.
— Daniel + Jill

Have we mentioned? We also love sweet intimate elopements + celebration. And engagement session is such a great opportunity to feel comfortable in front of the camera before the wedding. Also, did you know that we give lil bonus if you book us for both photo + video? 

Our weekday elopement collections start at $1,000

Engagement sessions start at $600

Wedding cinema starts at $2,000

Destination wedding outside of U.S starts at $4,000 (Travel included)